Window Awnings, Phoenix AZ


Sunlight entering through glass window panes can increase the inside temperature of your home. You can prevent this by covering all sun facing windows with aluminum window awnings.

Window awnings not only keep homes cooler in the summer, but will save energy, reduce your electrical bills and add value to your home as well. Window awnings also keep out the damaging UV rays of the sun, and help slows fading of drapes, carpet, and furniture in your home.

United Aluminum window awnings are constructed of baked enamel aluminum panels and framing. They are maintenance free, strong and durable.

United Aluminum provides window awning installation in the Phoenix Metro area.

Metal Awnings in Phoenix AZ

Protection from the Unforgiving Arizona Sun and Heat We all love to get some vitamin D from the sun every now and then. We even love the natural light that the sun provides to brighten our interiors. However, too much of anything isn’t good, even sunshine. Direct sunlight entering the home through your glass windows will increase the temperature inside your home. It can also cause damage to furnishings and upholstery. Metal window awnings are designed to help keep your home cooler in the summer. They will help to keep your home comfortable and reduce the consumption of energy. They will also reduce damage on upholstery and other furnishings such as carpets and seats that would be damaged by exposure to direct sunlight. We at United Aluminum are experts in aluminum awnings installation. Whether you want awnings for your windows, glass doors, or patio, we will provide you with custom awnings that meet your needs and preferences. The team at United Aluminum consists of professionals that are skilled and experienced in working with both residential aluminum window awnings and commercial window awnings. We use baked enamel aluminum panels to construct awnings. Our team will work with you to provide you with high-quality custom-made window awnings. Our awnings will not only protect your interior from direct sunlight but also improve the curb appeal and overall value of your property. Don’t let the harsh sunshine make staying indoors a nightmare. Contact us for custom aluminum awnings. We are one of the best aluminum awning installation companies in the area.


Window Awnings, Phoenix AZ


Our professionals have worked on thousands of window awnings through Phoenix and the valley.

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